Carpentry Services

Trimming and Siding Repair For Your Home

Keep Your Home Beautiful, Address Problem Areas

When it comes to keeping your home’s exterior and interior finishes in tact, certain problems have to be nipped in the butt for the good of the entire home. This includes certain carpentry related repairs like shifting door and window frames, cabintry or other hanging features drooping, and exterior siding starting to decay. Use FTS for experienced carpenters that can help maintain your home.

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Why You Should Consider Carpentry Repairs

  • Missing exterior siding can cause an otherwise solid exterior to look rundown
  • Rotting exterior siding could lead to more siding going to waste as well as pests or mold coming into your home
  • Shifting door or window frames will eventually cause the area around them to shift as well, separating wood, tiling, floors, and walls, etc. from each other
  • We can let you know if there is a bigger problem to be addressed, such as a possibly shifting foundation

Carpentry Services

FTS Painting in Somerville, MA offers a range of services to Massachusetts residents because we know how comprehensive home repairs can be. For this reason, FTS Painters have perfected carpentry skills to keep your home looking orderly and your finish looking fresh.

At FTS Painting, we know what it takes to make your new interior or exterior paint job last. In order to get your home or business looking its best, we provide carpentry services such as exterior trimming and siding repairs. Instead of hiring several contractors to handle the various aspects of your home improvement project, we are happy to take care of all aspects of your home improvement project. While beginning a new exterior painting project, we inspect your home for any problem areas, fix, and clean them before beginning our painting. With plenty of experience with rotted fascia boards, trimming and siding, we will do what it takes to make your new paint job last.

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