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Even though the tools and processes may seem simple, repairing drywall can be tricky. Working with caulking, plaster, putty, and drywall to form one even, good looking surface is something that takes time, patience, and skill. The best people for drywall repair are those who have done it before and know the attention to detail it takes to do a seemingly easy task well. That’s FTS Painting.

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Why Use a Professional for Drywall Repairs:

  • We do this for many painting jobs, we have our methods and practice down
  • All the adhesives used in drywall repair and plastering can stain floors and harden carpets, and they can be tricky to handle
  • For larger drywall repairs, some knowledge of carpentry makes the job much smoother
  • A large drywall repair might take a novice an entire day, where it might only take us an hour or so
  • Drywall repairs are messy — we’ll take care of all the clean up for you

Plaster & Drywall Repair

At FTS Painting, we know how difficult it can be to repair damaged plaster and drywall (or sheetrock), so leave it to the professionals and we guarantee to get the job done in a timely, efficient fashion. With years of plaster and drywall experience, we are confident we will be able to fix any problem you may have, from a small hole to significant damage.

Another advantage of our years of experience is our industry knowledge. Having completed countless plaster patches and drywall repairs, we know the industry’s best products to use for any given job. With the best products, tools, and skilled laborers, we are confident that we are capable of all your plaster and drywall repair needs.

Any home or business remodeling job can be a hassle for your family or office. At FTS Painting we will make it as easy as possible, working around your schedule to minimize any inconvenience.

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