Wallpaper Removal

Safely Remove Wallpaper Without Damaging Walls

Removing Wallpaper Correctly For Interiors

If you’re looking to modernize your interior and you currently have wallpaper covering walls, it would be best to contact a professional for your wallpaper removal. As a full service painting company, this is something we’re used to doing. Save yourself time, hassle, and uneccessary repairs by hiring FTS for your wallpaper removal service.

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Why Hire a Professional?

  • We’ll take less time to do the job
  • We’ll assure that holes aren’t made in the wall behind the wallpaper
  • We’ll keep debris out of your carpet or from staining flooring in general
  • We can assure you when your wall is ready for its new finish

Wallpaper Removal

Many people try to handle wallpaper removal jobs themselves and end up causing damage to their walls. Outsourcing this work could be more cost-effective in the end, as many people try to handle wallpaper removal themselves and later pay for repairs. Because there is a wide variety of types of wallpaper and brands, each job is different. The professionals at FTS Painting have years of experience with removal, having handled several types of wallpaper, we’re confident we can handle your next wallpaper job!

Wallpaper work is typically messy, but we have perfected a routine to keep your home or office as neat as possible in the process. When wallpaper is being removed, there are several factors to take into account when deciding the best approach for removal. Over our years in business, we have become experts at making these decisions. We will go forward using only the best products to effectively remove your wallpaper and get it ready for its next design.

If you are considering giving your home or business a new look, consider removing your old wallpaper design and getting a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Contact us for a free estimate and begin your remodel today!