Wallpaper Removal

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Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper work requires skill and experience to get it looking just right, whether you are installing brand new wallpaper or getting rid of an old design. Many people try to handle wallpaper jobs themselves and end up causing damage to either their new wallpaper or their walls. Outsourcing this work will likely be more cost-effective in the end, as many people try to handle wallpaper removal themselves and later pay to repair property damage caused. Because there is a wide variety of types of wallpaper and brands, each job is different. The professionals at FTS Painting have years of experience with both wallpaper installation and removal, having handled several types of wallpaper and brands so we are confident we can handle your next wallpaper job!

Wallpaper work is typically messy but we have perfected a routine to keep your home or office as neat as possible in the process. When wallpaper is being removed, there are several factors to take into account when deciding the best approach for removal. Over our years in business, we have become experts at making these decisions and will go forward using only the best products to effectively remove your wallpaper and get it ready for its next design.

If you are considering giving your home or business a new look, consider removing your old design and getting a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Contact us for a free estimate and begin your remodel today!