Somerville, MA

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Interior & Exterior Painting Services in Somerville, MA

FTS Painting is proud to offer our full range of services to residents and business owners in Somerville, MA. With 80,000 residents living in some of the area’s most historic homes, Somerville, MA needs a reliable painting company to maintain the city’s beauty. With a list of services guaranteed to keep homes and businesses looking new, FTS Painting is there for Somerville!

With our years of experience, we have perfected the range of services that we offer to Somerville, MA residents, giving our customers’ homes the new look they’ve been dreaming of. If your home needs interior services, we offer the finest interior painting work in town! Don’t believe us? View our most recent projects here!

When you work with FTS Painting for interior painting, we will not only paint your home’s interior, but we also provide plaster and drywall repairs as well as wallpaper removal to transform your walls, giving your home a fresh new look. Simply put, we do all the prep work to make sure your finished interior doesn’t have a single eyesore.

If you want to give your home’s exterior a new look, then consider us for an exterior painting job! Not only will our professionals repaint your home with the color of your choosing, but we will also fully inspect your home’s exterior and provide light carpentry work where necessary — including exterior trimming and siding repairs.

Our headquarters are located in Somerville, MA and we are happy to serve our fellow residents and neighbors! Somerville residents and business owners were some of our very first customers after our founding and have continued to be a loyal client base for us. We have managed to build a strong relationship with our neighbors in Somerville, MA and we look forward to meeting even more new faces!

If you are considering giving your home or business in Somerville, MA a new look, contact us today for a free estimate! Visit our Angie’s List Page and read testimonials from past customers to see why you should choose us!