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With years of experience just north of Boston and east of I-95, FTS Painting is proudly making the push to be the first option for painting in Wellesley, MA, providing both residential and commercial painting services alike. Although you might know somebody who's used our services already, we want to play a bigger role in keeping this historic town beautiful. If you want your home or storefront to look like new, then FTS is here for you with a range of services that will keep the shine on Wellesley.

Whether it starts with the interior or exterior, FTS painting is here to make your home look like your dream home. We take every step of the process very seriously, from prep to paint. We can do spot repairs of loose or rotting boards, plaster, and drywall, as well as wallpaper removal, and any host of jobs that need to be done so you can have a fully pristine finish. Rather than hiring a host of general contractors for one process, why not hire a company that can do it all?

After building up a reputation in Somerville, MA, FTS Painting is ready to show more of New England what we can do. Find out for yourself today!

FTS Painting  Boston's Full-Service Painting Company

In 2013, Felipe Delai was finally able to start his own business and bring a better brand of painting services to the greater Boston area. For Delai, FTS painting was the culmination of years of experience working in the painting industry. After seeing how things went wrong, as well as how they went right, Delai created a company that handles the entire painting process with detail and care. From drywall and carpentry repairs to prep and final touches, FTS delivers beautiful finishes on a timely schedule. See how FTS and Delai make a difference for your Wellesley home, and contact them today!


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